Viable economy ensure sustainability

International and national policies must respect land tenure rights and favour viable economic conditions that enables family forestry as a market driven activity. The policy framework must encourage long-term perspective and sustainable management of family forests. Viable economy will ensure sustainability.

  • Published: 03.03.2004
  • Published by: Heidi Eriksen
  • This is the main message in the position paper the International Family Forestry Alliance, IFFA, will present at the United Nations Forum on Forest (UNFF4) in Geneva in May 2004. IFFA underlines that policies supporting sustainable forest management must be embedded in the overall sustainable strategies at global and national level. Family forest owners are committed to take on major social and cultural challenges. They are ready to make available their knowledge and to work hard to achieve sustainable forest management. Their ability to fulfil this commitment is dependent on strong and stable economic conditions and a policy supporting generation-bridging long-term ownership, IFFA states.

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