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Family forestry supports international and regional forest policy processes. The United Nations Forum on Forest needs to raise its profile as global policy forum where high-level commitments are achieved. IFFA support regional processes as the backbones of international forest arrangements. Strong regional processes bring expertise to the global discussion and decision-making.

  • Published: 19.05.2005
  • Published by: Heidi Eriksen
  • This was the main message in the position paper the International Family Forestry Alliance, IFFA, presented to the United Nations Forum on Forest, UNFF5, gathered in New York in mid May 2005. In the position paper IFFA reminded UNFF5 that family forest owners are one of the most important major groups for the implementation of sustainable forest management and contributors to the Millennium Developments Goals. IFFA highlights three important strategies. There has to be a sound legislation and secure property rights for supporting sustainable forest management. There has to be cross sectoral engagement because the forest sector is highly dependent on other sectors in politics and economy. The family forestry must be supported through capacity building, training and given the possibilities to partner in the policy and decision making.

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    Over 150 In IFFA Africa 2 Forest Producer Conference

    Published: 12.11.2017

    Second Pan-African forest and farm producer organisations conference on exchanging experiences on business, innovation, youth and gender took place in Morogoro, Tanzania 28-29th of September 2017. 

    Declaration from the Africa 2 Conference

    Published: 11.11.2017

    The Africa 2 Forest Producer organisation conference in Tanzania 28-19 September 2017 approved a declaration by acclamation.

    The declaration contains commitments by the participants and their call for action from governments and international partner organisations.

    Family Forestry Faces

    Published: 10.11.2017

    Family Forestry Faces Project

    Family forestry is not only the forest, but the people who lives in and lives of the forestry as well.

    Behind every forest there is families and faces. IFFA will expose some of the faces in family forestry, community forestry and among indigenous peoples in order for others to better understand the vital combination of forest and peoples in and of the forest.


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