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  • Published: 04.04.2017
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
  • IFFA Brochure

    The IFFA Brochure, opdated in 2014, present basic information about the organisation and members.

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    Objectives and basics

    The International Family Forestry Alliance, IFFA, is the voice of family forestry worldwide. The IFFA’s objective is to promote the development of family forestry and advocate supportive policies. IFFA will provide recommendations to international forest policy processes and provide a forum for exchange of experience, ideas and information.

    The organisation was formally launched the 1st July 2002 (Pressrelease). The organisation was founded as an informal network between national forest owners’ organisations. In order to be recognised by the intergovernmental organisations IFFA is now incorporated in 2006 with its address I Washington DC, USA. The organisation will, however, still work as an informal, flexible network between national forest owners organisations.


    National forest owners organisations who support the mission statement of IFFA can be members of the organisation. Regional organisations and other supporting organisations can be extraordinary members. The basic documents of the organisation is the bylaws, the document of incorporation and the missions statement.

    Board and annual meeting

    IFFA is managed by a board of five members elected at the annual meeting. The board may appoint other officers to take care of special tasks.

    Basic documents of IFFA:

    Familyforestry Publications

    The Roadmap for boosting small-scale and family producers aims at highlighting the importance of strengthening forest producer organisations. The Roadmap was launched together with the publication “Making change happen”.

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    The publication “Making change happen” describes what governments can do to strengthen forest producer organisations.The initial paper waspresented and discussed during the International Conference on Forest Producer Organizations held in Guilin, China, in November 2013.

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    Booklet about investing in locally controlled forestry. Published by IIED in association with The Three Rights Holders Group (G3) where IFFA is one of the three right holders.

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    Guide to investing in locally controlled forestry. Published by IIED and written by Dominic Elson, based on a series of 11 international dialogues where IFFA representatives have participated actively in the preparation.

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    Link to IIED web-page

    Other news

    Forest gives sustainable communities

    Published: 21.03.2018

    IFFA celebrate the International Day of Forest, 21 March 2018 by supporting this year’s theme on the International Forest day:

    ” Forests contribute in building sustainable cities and communities.”

    65 years old Nepalese manages model farm

    Published: 05.01.2018

    In the prosject Family Forestry Faces, there is published a "face" from Nepal

    New Family Forestry Faces

    Published: 02.01.2018

    IFFA has published new stories of Family Forestry Faces at the Story / Issue section of the web-site


  • Photos and videos

  • Canadian forest and climate change video

    A sustainable managed forest can have stable carbon stocks while at the same time providing energy, products and meet society’s needs.

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