PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue

  • Published: 10.11.2010
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
  • The PEFC stakeholder forum on “Advancing certification in the Tropics” will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wednesday the 10th November 2010, the day after the IFFA annual meeting.

    IFFA and the other two Alliances in the Three Rights Holders Group, G3, GACF and IAITPTF will be present at the stakeholder forum in order to present the requirements for cost effective group certification adapted to the needs of small scale forestry.

    Forest certification originally set out twenty years ago to advance sustainable forest management in the tropics, yet the vast majority of the world's certified forests are today located in temperate and boreal forests.

    What are the challenges and opportunities influencing forest certification in tropical countries? What is the role that smallholders can play? What types of partnerships are required to support forest certification in tropical countries? These and other issues will be discussed during the PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue: Advancing Certification in the Tropics.

    Participants in the PEFC stakeholder forum will also be invited to discuss some of the most relevant issues impacting forest certification today. Such issues are climate change, legality and GMOs.
    Certification promotes sustainable forest management to keep forests standing for a lot of good reasons beyond mitigating climate change. Should the role of sustainable forest management and certification in climate change mitigation be better communicated? Should standards better take into consideration needs of carbon trading systems?

    Lacey Act, FLEGT VPAs, EU due diligence legislation, et al: Consuming countries’ legislation and import requirements for wood derived products increasingly require proofs of origin and compliance with the national laws of producing countries. Does this focus on legality verification in the tropics provide an opportunity to advance certification in new regions?
    Assuming that GMOs will increasingly shape forestry plantations: is their certification necessary and wanted?

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