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The United Nations Forum on Forest (UNFF) is working on a strategy and indicators. IFFA ask our members for comments.

  • Published: 04.04.2016
  • Published by: Peter deMarsh
    Markku Aho (in the middle) at the 11th session of the United Nations Forum on Forest (UNFF 11) in May 2015. IFFA chair Peter deMarsh (right) and vice-chair Lennart Ackzell (left).

    In a message to all IFFA members, chair Peter deMarsh ask for suggestions for indicators for monitoring progress made in sustainable forest management of family forests. A short report of the strategy work is sent to the IFFA members. The report is prepared by Markku Aho who will represent IFFA at a UNFF meeting in April.

    In the report Markku Aho proposes some indicators that IFFA could present at the UNFF meeting. IFFA would like members to assess the proposal, and especially look for anything that is missing.

    UNFF is preparing a strategic plan for 2017 – 2013 and a work program for the years 2017-2020. Indicators could be important to ensure how family forestry can be included in plans and processes.

    Markku Aho is a good friend of IFFA and have worked closely with other IFFA representatives at previous UNFF sessions. He is retired after a long career with the Government of Finland where he particularly has been involved in international forest issues.

    Read the UNFF report

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