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IFFA spoke at a forest seminar at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, and followed up by a meeting with the Japanese forest owners’ organisation.

  • Published: 05.04.2016
  • Published by: Lennart Ackzell
     ?IFFA presentation at the seminar in Tokyo?
    From left, President Sato Shigeyoshi and Senior Management Director Hijikuro Naoji,J-Forest, vice chair Lennart Ackzell and chair Peter deMarsh, IFFA
     ?Lennart Ackzell distribute IFFA material at the seminar?

    IFFA was invited to give a presentation and participate in a final panel discussion at the seminar the 17 March 2016.

    The title of the seminar was “Treasures of the Forests”, had a strong social and local component with both responsibilities and opportunities for rural people and sustainable forest management.

    The seminar participants were high level representatives from administration, diplomacy, forest companies, forest producer retailors, certification schemes and forest owners’ organisations.

    The forest land tenure in Japan became very clear. Japan has a very high degree of family forestry, but unfortunately there are profitability problems.

    The national federation of forest owners’ cooperative association, J-Forest, participated at the seminar. IFFA held afterwards a special meeting with J-Forest at their office in Tokyo. Japan has 1,5 million members in 108 cooperatives. Some of the cooperatives have sawmills.

    IFFA invited J-Forest to be a member and to participate in the IFFA Asia conference that will be organised in Thailand at the end of 2016.





     Meeting IFFA- J-Forest (Zenmori) at J-Forest office


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