Fantastic growth in PEFC

PEFC announced a fantastic growth in certified forest area at the PEFC Forest Certification Week and General Assembly.

  • Published: 23.11.2016
  • Published by: Lorenz Klein von Wisenberg
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  • New record: More than 300 million hectares PEFC certified.

    The PEFC forest certification week and General Assembly was organized in Bali from 14 to 18 November 2016 and PEFC was represented by treasurer Lorenz Klein von Wisenberg. This is the occasion when once a year the entire PEFC family around the world come together to discuss the future of the organisation and as well the future of forest certification.

    PEFC Secretary Ben Gunneberg was delighted to announce the growth in PEFC certified forest now a total of over 300 million hectares due to brilliant success in efforts of all PEFC members, Gunneberg said. Behind the new record in new certified area was the three top contributions of Australia new 16 million hectares, SFI in North America 8,2 million hectares and Russia 8,1 million.

    Peter Latham, UK, elected new chair PEFC

    This year’s theme for the Stakeholder Dialogue was “Sustainable landscapes for sustainable livelihoods”. Expert with different background and specialization debated how forest, sustainable forestry and forest certification can contribute beyond traditional boundaries to secure sustainable livelihoods.

    During the stakeholder dialogue IFFA’s G3 partner from community forestry, Ghan Shyam Pandey, GACF, had the opportunity to introduce the newly formed Association of Family Forest Owners of Nepal.

    More about the stakeholder dialogue: Part 1 and Part 2

    The 21st PEFC General Assembly appointed Peter Latham PEFC UK as new chair of PEFC International. In the board professor Eduardo Rajas-Briales, former FAO forestry director, and David Ford, Oregon Small Woodland Owner were elected as new Board members.

    Ghan Shyam Pandey, GACF, introduce the newly formed Association of Family Forest Owners of Nepal

    The General Assembly approved Thailand, Romania and Macedonia as new PEFC members.

    “For me, our greatest strength is that we truly are all members of the same PEFC family, Peter Latham said after his election.

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    Other news

    Published: 21.11.2017

    Few forest discussions at UNFCCC COP 23 in Bonn

    Published: 20.11.2017

    At the COP 23 very little of substance on forests was discussed at the main negotiations. The task of implementing the Paris Accord become an administrative debate on the REDD instrument. The issue was whether a special institutional arrangement was needed within the convention or not. No consensus was established.

    IFFA at European Forest Week

    Published: 19.11.2017

    Click on the picture and see the Forestry week video the European Forestry week videoRead more about the European Forestry Week

    As part of the European Forest Week 9-13 October 2017, under the theme of "Forests, our common good” IFFA was invited to speak on a Side-Event arranged by Forest and Farm Facility and FAO.


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