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Family Forestry organisations are associations organizing family forest owners. We find family forest organisations on local, national, regional and international level.

  • Published: 12.12.2016
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
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  • The use of the words organisations or associations are not very distinct. Associations are normally organisations where the family forest owner is a member. In some countries, there are organisations in a mix between private and public organisations. Normally there are local associations and the local association is often member of a sub-national/regional association. The sub-national organisations often form a national federation.

    National federations are often member of an international regional organisations, for instance the European family forestry federation. In family forestry, we have the International Forestry Alliance, IFFA, who has national federations as members as well as regional federations as associate members. Some national federations are direct IFFA members as well as indirect members through the regional federation.

    Family forest owners are normally members of their local and national associations. There are however local, regional associations formed as cooperatives, where the forest owners on a cooperative basis are the owners of the forest cooperatives. This is the case when the associations are directly engaged in economic activities as supply and marketing of wood and timber. In some countries, there are association taken care of forest politics and cooperatives taken care of the economic activities. Association and cooperatives normally work closely together. In other countries, the political and economic work is in the same organisation.

    Other news

    Peter deMarsh air Flight victim

    Published: 10.04.2019

    On Sunday the 9 of Marsh 2019 died in the crash of an air flight between Addis Abeba and Nairobi on his way to an IFFA conference on Family Forestry and Climate Change.


    Peter deMarsh was President of the International Family Forest Alliance IFFA, since 2011.

    IFFA pushes for sustainability

    Published: 01.06.2018

    IFFA’s work shows how family forest owners and smallholders play an essential role in collaboration with other major groups to push for sustainability in international forest politics.

    Committed to international communication

    Published: 18.05.2018

    IFFA is committed to the development and implementation of international communication strategies.

    This was the main message when IFFA chair Peter deMarsh addressed the United Nations Forum on forests. The 13th session of the forum was held in New York 7 to 11 May 2018.


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    IFFA will slowly build up and image bank during 2017. We will gather together photos and videos from IFFA, family forestry, forest and farm producer organisations and similar subjects.

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