Peter deMarsh re-elected as IFFA Chair

Peter deMarsh, Canada, was re-elected as chair at the IFFA Annual Meeting 2016 organised in Brussels 10 January 2017. The annual meeting approved the items proposed on the agenda.

  • Published: 13.01.2017
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
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  • IFFA annual meeting 2017 at the Forestry House in Brussels, Belgium

    During the annual meeting the economic report presented by the treasurer, Lorenz Klein von Wisenberg was approved. The annual meeting decided to keep the annual membership fee at the same level as the year before, that is 500 Euros for members and 250 Euros for associate members.

    Peter deMarsh re-elected IFFA chair

    The annual meeting approved the work plan for 2017. IFFA plan to continue to increase the effectiveness of the organisation, further develop the communication and increase the membership. The partnership with the Forest and Farm Facility hosted by FAO is very important, and part of the cooperation with increase the regional and national networks of family forest organisation. The development of local organisations in Asia, Africa and South America is very important.

    Internationally the processes of UNFF, the further improvement of sustainable forestry, will be followed up. Climate change and the position of sustainable forest management in mitigating climate changes will be a priority for IFFA in 2017.

     See the work plan 2017

    Other news

    IFFA more visible than ever at UNFF

    Published: 06.05.2017

    At the 12th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (INFF 12) IFFA was very active and more visible than ever before.

    UNFF 12 Omnibus resolution

    Published: 05.05.2017

    At the end of UNFF 12 an omnibus resolution was adopted, as well as procedural resolution on the extension of the UNFF Bureau’s term-of-office for one to two years.

    -Women give full speed

    Published: 04.05.2017

    -Without women forests and society will only go on half speed, Satu-Marja Tenhiälä said when she presented the IFFA statement on food security and gender.


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  • Building image bank

    IFFA will slowly build up and image bank during 2017. We will gather together photos and videos from IFFA, family forestry, forest and farm producer organisations and similar subjects.

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