IFFA more visible than ever at UNFF

At the 12th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (INFF 12) IFFA was very active and more visible than ever before.

  • Published: 06.05.2017
  • Published by: Lennar Aczell
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  • IFFA chair Peter deMarsh addressing UNFF 12

    IFFA made three formal statements and detailed comments, at the thematic sessions that covered the UN Strategic Plan for Forest in relation to Sustainable development goal (SDG) 1 Poverty reduction, combined statement SDG 5 Gender and SDG 2 Food Security, and Monitoring Assessment and Reporting (MAR).

    See the IFFA UNFF 12 statements

    Read UNFF 12 report from IISD

    At IFFA initiated Side-Event we together with other Major Groups (Women, Children & Youth, Science, NGO, Indigenous peoples) we stressed the importance of using wood for climate action. The substitution of other fossil dependent materials and energy as well as the CO2 uptake by keeping the forest in its growing phase by sustainable forest management were underlined. We showed an interesting Canadian video on sustainable forestry and climate change. See video

    In the week prior to this UNFF12 session, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2017-2030 with 6 goals and 26 targets. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals in the so called the 2030 agenda.

    IFFA’s active engagement was well recognised and at a special arranged meeting with UNFF 12 Chairman Peter Besseau and UNFF Director Manoel Sobral as well as in the final UNFF 12 Omnibus Resolution the involvement and usefulness of the Major Group inputs were clearly acknowledges. 

    IFFA also used the occasion to discuss the upcoming IFFA initiative on a Forest/Farm producer Organisation’s Meeting in Tanzania with Ezekiel Edward Mwakalukwa Director at Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Head of Delegation, Tanzania. Mr Mwakalukwa was very inspired by the initiative and provided useful inputs to the planning of the Tanzanian meeting.

    Finally, an IUFRO Side event titled “Harnessing community and smallholder forestry for Sustainable Development Goals” was of particular relevance. For more information

    Note the publication referred to at the bottom of the report: “Building on Synergies”.

    The IFFA team at UNNF 12: from left Satu-Maja Tenhiälä, Lennart Ackzell, Peter deMarsh and Markku Aho.


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