Land Tenure Facility Secretariat at IFFA partner

On Monday the 20 November the RRI initiative the Land Tenure Facility established its secretariat at LRF the Federation of Swedish Farmers and Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners (members of IFFA). 

  • Published: 21.11.2017
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  • The RRI initiative, the Land Tenure Facilty was welcomed to Federation of Swedish Farmers and family forest Owners (IFFA member in Stockholm

    Photo from left Lennart Ackzell (LRF, IFFA), Anders Källström (CEO LRF), Nonette Royo (Director LTF), Frida Smedberg (Consultant), Henrik Brundin (deputy CEO We Effect) and Christina Furustam (LRF, World Farmer Organisation)

    The Facility’s Director Nonette Royo was welcomed by the LRF’s CEO Anders Källström.

    The Farmer’s house in Stockholm is the prefect site for a land tenure facility as all organisations represented in the house have a very close relation to land tenure.

    Other news

    Published: 21.11.2017

    Few forest discussions at UNFCCC COP 23 in Bonn

    Published: 20.11.2017

    At the COP 23 very little of substance on forests was discussed at the main negotiations. The task of implementing the Paris Accord become an administrative debate on the REDD instrument. The issue was whether a special institutional arrangement was needed within the convention or not. No consensus was established.

    IFFA at European Forest Week

    Published: 19.11.2017

    Click on the picture and see the Forestry week video the European Forestry week videoRead more about the European Forestry Week

    As part of the European Forest Week 9-13 October 2017, under the theme of "Forests, our common good” IFFA was invited to speak on a Side-Event arranged by Forest and Farm Facility and FAO.


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