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G3 and IFFA at Austrofoma

The participants in the G3 planning meeting and the IFA annual meeting visited the large Austrofoma exhibition in Graz 12th October 2011.

 Lorenz Klein von Wisenberg guiding the group at a cable crane presentation
 Ghan Shyam Pandey comparing the modern technology...

The G3 participants were the guests of Land & Forst Betriebe Österreich, the delegations visited a lot of stands in the area watching new and old technology from computerised harvesters, cable cranes and even harvesting by horses.

There were a lot of interesting demonstrations to see, the whole exhibition was like a huge shopping area for forest technology.

Lorenz Freiherr Klein von Wisenberg guided the participants form other continents in the techniques used in Austria and Germany. The exhibited equipment came from all over the world and the Finnish participants found a lot of exhibitors from their own country.

 ...and the tradition knowledge at Austrofoma



 Parts of the G3 and IFFA group at the Austrofoma exhibition which had more than 20.000 visitors