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Peter deMarsh re-elected

Peter deMarsh (Canada) was re-elected as chair at the IFFA annual meeting 2017 in the Forestry House in Brussels the 15 March 2018. Pentti Linnamaa (Finland) was elected as new Vice-chair.

IFFA make an impact

IFFA has continued to mange an impart when participating in many events, IFFA chair, Peter deMarsh said when presenting the IFFA activities and achievements in 2017. His report was underlined with the slide show presentation of Lennart Ackzell who showed pictures of the many 2017 activities.

New fee structure and workplan

The IFFA annual meeting in Brussels 15 March 2018 agreed on a new fee structure and a new work plan for 2018

Dialogue on important negotiation issues

Guest speaker at the IFFA annual meeting 2017 was Mr. Benjamin Musall from DG Trade in the European Commission. He informed the audience about Mr. Musall informed the audience about the ongoing trade negotiations and how forest products have been dealt with.

Annual meeting agenda final

The IFFA Board has finalised the agenda for the IFFA Annual meeting in Brussels 15n March 2015 in the Forestry House in Brussels 16h00 to 18h00 Brussels time.


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    A sustainable managed forest can have stable carbon stocks while at the same time providing energy, products and meet society’s needs.

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